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Daryl & Carol

I have my life back in such a short time. No more medications, no more cane and no more losing unnecessary weight. I feel alive again, after years of suffering with RA, MS, and fibromyalgia. Finally, life is enjoyable.

During this health crisis my medicine cabinet began to overflow. At one point, I took 26 prescription medications. Now I no longer take any medications. Over time, the consistent and nagging laryngitis has improved. I now sleep great without the aid of sleeping pills. My blood pressure is normal. I've experienced a huge boost in energy. I don't know that I ever felt so good. I was one very sick girl.

So what made this amazing difference? Everything. Not just one aspect of your chiropractic clinic. I follow it all and don't deviate one bit. I now maintain this God-given health through eating right, exercising more and receiving adjustments to help with my spine alignment. I don't want the old lifestyle back, it isn't worth it! I have the goal now, the prize is set before me. Finally, I can go after my dreams and do the things God designed me to do.

What a joy it is to tell others about how they can experience God's full health potential. People are
amazed with the results and I love sharing the news. God knew what He was doing when he created us!

Dr. Zaino, you are an answer to prayer and a blessing!

P.S. - I never got the handicapped placard for my car. Don't need it!